How to Become a Software Engineer

Despite the many myths, it is very possible to become a software engineer even without having a college degree. Whether you are reentering the work force or you are stuck in a career that is not paying then transitioning into a career like software engineering is the best idea.

According to statistics software developers in countries like US make an average of $100,000per year with the unemployment rate of %2.5 making it one of the most lucrative technology careers of the century. In addition, the profession offers above-average work-life balance. The best thing about learning programming language is that it is flexible in that it gives your financial security and you are flexible in your day to day activities. Below are some of the steps that will get you to becoming one of the best software engineers in the industry.

Be clear about your goals

Before you even get started keep it in mind that software engineering is meant for people who are looking to get a job or become a specialist in the field as a consultant. It is not meant for individuals who are dabbling with codes for the first time or unsure if coding is right for them. In case you wish to pursue software development or any other related course start your own business then you are in the right place.

Transitioning into a new career is never an easy task however, when you have an intended destination in mind with a clear goal then it becomes very easy. What you need to establish is what do you intend to do work as an established software developer in a tech company or work as a freelancer and get paid.

Choose a language to learn

Getting started is always a problem for the majority as most people get stuck on the kind of programs to choose. There are different types of programming languages some of them include Ruby on Rails, Python, Django among many more. Once you get to know a particular language it is never difficult to transition to a new language. Th e best part is once you have grasped a particular language moving on to the next is not a challenge. What you need to focus on is understanding the fundamentals of the language. Once you have a solid foundation in one language then you can slowly transition into other languages, frameworks and technologies.


It is very heard to master the skill of programming if you intend to just read through the tutorials and absorb everything that you need. They say practice makes perfect and it applies in programming. The more you practice the more you master and learn new skills. You need to set aside a significant amount of time every day for you to do the practice. Keep it in mind that you can not be a developer after just a few hours of practice.

Use tools that real developers use

As much as there are free resources online which you can use to enrich your skills and test your ability, it will not help you in the real world. What you need to do is build how real engineers build. Use the tools that they use on a day to day basis as it will help you get comfortable with the tools. It is very hard to build how real developers build the good thing is that they will teach you how to use these tools.

Read other peoples codes

The best way of becoming proficient in software engineering is by learning from others. Get to rid other people’s codes so that you get to know through GitHub repositories and other documentation. In some cases, the documentation can be wrong however, the source code will never lie. By learning the code, one will be able to know how the program is working and what exactly is going on. It is often an overlooked skill however it can be of great benefit especially if you get the codes of experienced developers. There is an unending variety of projects to experience. Adult dating apps and adult forum sites such as USASexGuide offer opportunities to see the work of experienced developers. You will surprisingly find a lot of skilled work in the adult sector.

Find a community

Finding the right community to interact with and learn from can make or break your success story as a software engineer. It has proven to be very handy especially for beginners. Once you have a community of like-minded individuals, a group of individuals whom you can call once you get stuck then you will have an automatic support team to motivate you.

Build projects

You do not have to just depend on tutorials make sure that you watch videos as well put your skills into use. Try and build something or solve a problem along the way. It’s the simple tasks that software developers do on a daily basis solving tasks. While doing this you not only get to sharpen your skills but also prove to potential employers that you can actually do it.